Flowtite GRP Pipe Licensing Program

Flowtite Technology, which is a part of Amiantit Technology, looks back at almost 50 years of successful history and has become the preferred provider of continuous filament wound GRP-pipe technology throughout the world. In cooperation with our partners- and licensees, we have developed a unique pipe production technology and the Flowtite brand is now recognized around the globe as the first choice of GRP pipe systems used in water applications.

Developing this unique technology was only possible by maintaining close relations with our licensees, and by continuously providing them with products, support and new developments needed to succeed in their markets. Our unique market position and advanced technology solutions have been key in promoting factors for our licensees business and we are proud of our contribution to their success stories.

Flowtite Technology provides full technology packages including product specifications, marketing material, manufacturing equipment, detailed production processes, and all related support and training required for a successful launch of a new operation.

In order to promote our technologies on a global scale we have implemented a selective worldwide licensing program. Please contact us through www.flowtite.com for any requests regarding the Flowtite GRP Pipe program and on how to become a licensee.

Continuous Filament Winding of GRP Pipes

Flowtite licensees produce Flowtite pipes using continuous filament winding. The core part of any production line is the winder itself.

The winder consists of an advancing mandrel system, on which the pipe is formed, as well as different material applications and storage systems, curing and extraction systems and many supporting functions. All Flowtite winders are fully PLC controlled machines with an easy to use operator interface.

Flowtite GRP Pipe Machinery

Overview of GRP Pipe Manufacturing Machines

Flowtite Technology designs and supplies tailor made production equipment to produce Flowtite products of different range and specifications in an efficient and safe manner and meeting highest quality product standards.

Different types of production equipment’s are available to cover the current Product range of Flowtite – the main types used are diameter related – most common are

  • CW 300 – manufactures products from DN80 to DN300
  • CW 3000 – manufactures products from DN300 to DN3000
  • CW 4000 – manufactures products from DN800 to DN4000