HSE Management System

Amiantit first priority is to provide, implement and enforce a comprehensive Health and Safety environment for its employees, contractors and clients. Amiantit fulfills and maintains a safe work environment through its HSE department. Amiantit insists upon spreading safe work practices all over its facilities, by committing and listing the procedures needed to achieve such a safe practice. The HSE department provides a fire safety, environment monitoring, and facilities, equipment and employee safety, training programs, and site services.

We aim to produce a healthy and safe work environment. Hence, Amiantit requires a strict commitment of all employee and contactors to HSE polices and standards as follows:

  1. Apply international health safety and environment standards such as ISO 14001 , OHSAS 18001 , SASO , FM Approval , Product conformity , User Manual, Procedures , Forms, Communication , Training , Auditing , and others
  2. Conduct periodic safety eliminate Quality, Health, Safety & Environment non- conformances
  3. Promote the culture of HSE internally through valuable training session, publications, simulations, drills, and HSE procedure development and adequate documentation and follow up of HSE related cases
  4. Optimize natural resources consumption and reducing and wastes in order to minimize the impact on the environment


Amiantit has its history and long-term success in providing and continuously improving premium quality products and services while protecting the people and the environment. This allows the company to sustain its position as a leader in the piping industry. Amiantit Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Sulaiman Al-Twaiji, along with Amiantit Executive Directors have put an extensive effort in building a healthy environment not only for their external relation with customers, but also within the company itself and the community which we live in. This commitment aims to provide the best business relation with customers, employees, contractors, communities and stakeholders.

Amiantit highly entails the active commitment to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment in all its operational activities, and promotes leadership which facilitates the communication and the compliance with QHSE policies through the following:

  1. Setting QHSE performance objectives, assess and continually improve processes, services and product quality, through the use of an effective management system;
  2. Obtaining a systematic approach to HSE management, designed to ensure compliance with the QHSE procedures and governmental safety and environmental standards
  3. Including HSE performance in the appraisal of staff and rewards accordingly.
  4. Amiantit technical skills in the design and engineering of our services and products are adapted to enhance all HSE aspects