Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) Pipes / Glass Reinforced Vinylester (GRV) Pipes

Amiantit Fiberglass Industries Limited (AFIL) was established in 1977, and it is the largest Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) & Glass Reinforced Vinylester (GRV) Pipe manufacturing plant in the world. GRP/GRV Pipes are specially designed and manufactured for sanitary sewerage collection & drainage systems, storm water drainage, water transmission and distribution & sea water intake and outfall lines along with many other applications as well.

GRP and GRV pipes are manufactured in standard lengths of 6 m and 12 m (custom lengths of up to 18 meters) and can handle pressures from gravity up to 32 bars. In addition, GRP and GRV Pipes are available in the sizes ranging from DN 80 mm to DN 4000 mm.

There is a diversified selection of options in jointing systems for GRP/GRV pipes such as: Double Bell Coupler Joint, Lamination Joint (Butt& Wrap Joint), Mechanical Joint and others.