Fibreglass is made of E or ECR glass drawing from high speed winder under melter through Pt/Rh bushing, fine filaments which the diameter is ranging from 24um down to 4.5um and thinner. This material is treated with special surface film/couple agent and processed according to applications request to a composite material. The fibreglass filaments are spun together and the basic material for many different products. Types are single or multi end roving, woven roving, chopped strand mat, textile yarn, chopped strand, combo mat, veil, multi-axial or UD fabrics, wet chop etc.

Fibreglass is used in a wide range of applications such as pipe and tank, transportation, construction, marine, electrical/electronic, wind energy, consumer goods, aerospace etc. The material combines strength and flexibility with the relative light weight. Tiny voids between the fibres guarantee a good insulation and the absorption of noise and sounds. It withstands cold and heat and do not expand. Glass fiber is a very competitive material on high performance, cost, process comparing with carbon fibre, metal and others. Its application is continuously innovated and accepted.