Continuous Research & Development

Flowtite Technology AS represents one of the leading technologies of GRP pipes that have been for the water and wastewater pipe market for over 40 years. Flowtite Technology AS, a member of Amiantit, has more than 20 pipe manufacturers that are licensed to use their technology.

With over 25 years of experience within material development of fluid handling systems, Flowtite Technology AS continues to invest in improving the performance and reliability found in their pipes, thus maintaining their position as a global leader.


In order to deliver state of the art technology to the market, a key objective within the Group, is to direct R&D and plant startups worldwide, and to pool the individual companies’ expertise and equipment resources. These technological resources are located in two Centers that are Sandefjord, Norway and KFUPM, Saudi Arabia.

By focusing their knowledge in two dominant centers, the Amiantit group achieves collaborations through being cost effective and concentrating competence and expertise. This way of organizing the technology centers enabled the group to employ innovative professionals that in turn secured a leading position worldwide for GRP-technology.


The Center in Saudi Arabia is the result of a close cooperation between Amiantit and the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM). The building, with its distinctive architecture, has been established prominently in Saudi Arabia’s Dhahran Techno Valley. The building’s outline symbolizes the innovative work that is performed there. The Center has also appointed several highly skilled technical engineers. The new staff joined the existing team in Dammam to further strengthen and expand technical capabilities.


Together with high-tech testing and research equipment in the new labs in Dhahran techno valley, the center aims to be a frontrunner in pipe technologies. They work cooperatively with the Center in Sandefjord, Norway. The center has further advanced the Group’s Research & Development activities. These extended R & D capabilities make a major contribution to the success and sustainability of Amiantit’s products, both in existing and newly found global markets.