Test Reports

T-99-107 (18.03.99) Strain Corrosion Performance – Flowtite Sewer Pipe

This test report presents the strain corrosion test results on Flowtite sewer pipe manufactured with Advantex ECR glass reinforcements. Using log-log least squares regression, the resulting predicted 50 year failure strain for Flowtite sewer pipe is 0.66%.

T-91-101-R (15.05.97) Long-Term Ring Bending Strain (Sb) – Flowtite Pressure Pipe

The combined loading design method of AWWA M45 requries for a pressure water application that a minimum factor of safety of 1.5 be maintained on a pipe’s long term ring bending capability while submerged in water.

T-95-103-B (02.01.95) Long-Term Specific Ring Stiffness – Flowtite Pipe

Although there are no standardized test methods for determining the long term stiffness of a GRP pipe today, the Committee for European Normalization (CEN) is currently developing one. Using their draft standard, prEN 1225, wet creep tests were conducted on stiffness class SN5000, PN6 and PN16, and on stiffness class SN10000, PN1 pipes.

T-93-102-V (14.09.93) Double Bell REKA Coupling Qualification Test

This test report covers the qualification testing of the Flowtite coupling joint in accordance to ISO 8639.

Test reports – Hydrostatic Design Basis (HDB)

The hydrostatic design basis of Flowtite pressure pipe is determined based on conducting long term pressure regression tests following the guidelines of ASTM D2992-96. This report presents all of the test data, analysis procedure and the resulting 50 year strain design basis (HDB) for Flowtite pipe.