T-93-102-V (14.09.93) Double Bell REKA Coupling Qualification Test

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This test report covers the qualification testing of the Flowtite coupling joint in accordance to ISO 8639. The joint must be capable of holding 2 x PN at maximum angular deflection and draw, 2 x PN with misalignment (shear load) and draw for 24 hours. In addition the joint is cycled tem times from 0 to 1.5 x PN with misalignment. The final requirement met is a vacuum load of -0.8 bar with misalignment and draw. In addition to describing the test protocol, details on the REKA gasket dimensions are given. This test report confirms that the Flowtite joint has undergone a more strenuous performance test program than the joint of most traditional pipe materials, and meets the requirements of ISO 8639. Further evidence of the Flowtite joint’s superior performance is manifest in the over one million joints now in service worldwide.